Ricky Rebel and the Riot Police

When I was a college kid in the eighties, I had this tradition of sponsoring children from one of those compassionate organizations overseas. God had gotten a hold on me early as far as money is concerned, and I had developed a pattern of sharing extra money that I had. Children’s issues spoke to me, so I sent a monthly sum for their support, and enjoyed the letters and pictures I received in return. One of the children was from Rwanda. We kept up for several years, so I developed a passing interest in the country. I was simply horrified to read about the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

The Rwandan Civil War was between 1990 and 1994, and the genocide happened in a 100 day frenzy between April and July, 1994. People have written books on this subject, so suffice it to say for our purposes, that the nature of this 100 days was between the Hutu, who were in power at the time, against the Tutsi and Twa population. Moderate Hutus were also often included. About 70% of the country’s Tutsi population was exterminated, and sexual victimization was rife. The numbers are dark, as in the violence was so widespread, an exact count is impossible. Dependable references estimate between 500,000 to 900,000 Tutsi were annihilated, and nearly half a million women were raped.

The inhumanity was mind-boggling. A wealthy Rwandan businessman named Felicien Kabuga was the financier of this travesty, and his primary aim was to arm the Hutu population with machetes. He paid for thousands and thousands of machetes to be imported and distributed. Villagers were taught to hobble their Tutsi neighbors by slashing their Achilles tendons first, so they couldn’t run. They would subsequently hack their living Tutsi neighbors to pieces. Children would often do this.

Visitors, what on earth does Rwanda have to do with the current unrest we find ourselves dealing with here in the US? Well, there is a progression here. When I listened to Hutus talk about the differences between themselves and their Tutsi neighbors I found myself resorting to sarcastic disbelief. Hutus farmed crops. Tutsis ran cattle. Tutsis were taller. Hutus had broader noses. Tutsis had lighter skin. Cattle were perceived as more valuable, so a sort of ‘nobility’ was attributed to Tutsis, and Hutus were perceived as less intelligent, and obstructive to Tutsi success.

You can’t possibly be serious, I thought to myself. All of these things amounted to justification for killing your neighbors? You don’t like their choice of professions? You don’t like where they live? You think the shape of their noses, the lightness of their skin, what the radio says about them, makes them less human than you? So that makes it OK to give your children machetes and teach them to chop their neighbors into pieces? That’s an oversimplification, but not by much. It seems to me that we Americans are on the same pathway that starts with dehumanizing our ‘enemies’. Urban Americans ridicule their small town neighbors. Farmers scoff at intelligentsia. Financiers dismiss people who work with their hands. Wake up, people. We have to stop this.

Meet Ricky Rebel. I came across this video with Ricky Rebel catching up on the news. Like most of you, I can barely watch the violent videos of Black Lives Matter rioters torching buildings, beating people and harassing customers in restaurants. Similar ‘protests’ taking place in Portland, Kenosha and Denver are clearly escalating. Graffiti and landmark destruction cover my once beautiful city of Denver, and elected leaders have caved to this destruction. The established constitutional right to free speech has crumbled under the weight of politicians pandering to these violent criminals. Giant corporate platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube shamefully censor everyone who doesn’t parrot the BLM line and then overtly endorse the Biden ticket and cover up the harm that they instigate.

Enter Ricky Rebel. Rebel is a talented performer in LA, who’s opened for Britney Spears and danced professionally in other notable productions. He’s got an impressive resume, and had been blacklisted by Hollywood and the LGBT community because of his pro-free speech and pro-Trump views.

For me, he’s also a remarkably brave young man. Watch the video and pay special attention to the violent Black BLM thug who decks the white guy at the start. It truly sets the mood. Now, check out Ricky Rebel prancing through the riot police.

Rebel, with his blazing red pants and dancing through people who obviously want to do him harm, has demonstrated what most moderate Americans seemed to have lost. Courage. What on God’s green earth has happened to our courage? It’s simply WRONG to torch a building when you don’t like what your elected leaders have done. It’s WRONG to mob someone because they are wearing a red hat. It’s WRONG to graffiti a building with ACAB (All Cops are Bastards- Newsflash, they aren’t) and “Cops are Pigs, Fry them like Bacon”, it’s WRONG to assign blame to someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. (I know a great deal about criminal psychology, friends. Trust me on this, assuming that I’m a harmful racist because I’m white, straight, Christian and middle class does nothing. That emperor has no clothes, and I’ve read every word of White Fragility.)

On this, the eve of one of the most consequential elections in history, ask yourself. Why are streets of LA, Boston, and NYC boarded up? Why are reasonable Americans staying away from polling sites tomorrow? It’s not because conservatives are rioting. We don’t do that.

It’s because the radical left in this country has promised that a Trump win can’t possibly be legitimate, and the only possible response is violence. I, for one, will muster the courage to call this out. If Trump wins in the landslide that I suspect he will, the promised subsequent violence and rioting is WRONG. STOP. THIS is the chance to join Red Pill Black Man, Black Republicans, Colion Noir of the NRA, Candace Owens, Matthew Mcconaughey, Kirstie Alley, Brandon Straka of #Walkaway and the MILLIONS of other Americans who realize that America, with all of her flaws, is a fundamentally decent place to live, with fundamentally decent people. Quit with the manufactured outrage and join us.

You know what I’ll do if I’m wrong, and mysteriously, the media carries that senile old crook Biden to the finish line? I’ll grit my teeth and get the overtime to pay for the confiscatory taxes that are coming. That’s it, because like it or not, he’ll be my president.

Be like me. Have courage, friends. I’m sick of living otherwise.

Much love,


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