Happy Mother’s Day!


YES! Happy Mother’s Day to all of us, who’ve embarked on this adventure together. Skydiving is the very, very best analogy that I can see to mothering at this point. Spend four minutes with me and feel the intensity of the these children as they scramble into the future!

Remember when your baby  son lay on your bed, trusting you with everything? Look at my adult one  in the first frame, and marvel with me as they look down the road.

Launch with me into something that continues this glorious adventure! The weight of it, if you held it in your hands, it would pass right through you, so take this chance, and just be amazed with me.

Pause it at second five, and slap my hand! Pause again at second 31 and feel the incredible lightness of terror, as Christopher runs out of the plane and into the trusting hands of God and skill.

Hug your daughters, look at their faces, scratch the stubble on the chins of your baby boys, and thank God for every moment He trusted you with these enormous miracles of children. Isn’t it wonderful? No place I’d rather be.

Then walk with me, mothers, walk with me slow. Marvel at what we are given, and were we will go . Caedmon’s Call has always nourished my soul. Enjoy!

My love to you all.