The Damaging Exploitation Of Jeffco Children

Check this out, Visitors.


Braeden Adams, 7, reacts to the recall of three school board members during a watch party Tuesday, November 3.Photo by Chancey Bush/ Photo Editor/ Evergreen Newspapers


When I first saw this image in our local paper, I was so disgusted I  put it out of my mind completely. Surely, this was an aberration. Surely, Braeden Adam’s parents didn’t mean to exploit their child, sell his image, and use him as a poster boy for this hate-filled, deceitful recall.

Boy, was I wrong. You can buy Braeden’s image here.

For 17$ you can get a copy of Braeden nearly vibrating with the hatred his parents and other adults filled him with. For the same price, you can look at this image of innocent children dragging their little red wagons full of petitions to get the three deceit-filled issues onto the ballot.


You can also look at white, affluent, Jeffco teens, ALL of whom received prorecall propaganda IN the classroom, courtesy of the teaching staff of Jefferson County Public Schools. ALL of the information Jeffco teachers disseminated to these kids, (unethically and immorally, I might add) turned out to be false.



Visitors, I find issues like this to be tremendously discouraging. Most of you know that I’ve been a teacher and early childhood specialist my entire career. (30 years this spring! Astonishing.) I have spent those decades endeavoring to do my part to help make a generation of decent human beings. Generally, I’ve been successful.

The mind of a young child is a malleable thing. Most of you know I run an early childhood facility, and frankly, the kids in my school are lucky to have us. I have been studying children my whole adult life, and I clearly understand that the influence you have over a young child is permanent. So does my staff, and we never, ever influence a child in a negative way.

Do you love a particular food? Likely, your child will too. Do you find a particular sight or smell comforting? So will your child. Do you have an affinity for dogs, but can’t stand cats? Your child will have the same preference. (But hey, at least that one is reasonable.)

More importantly, do you carry around prejudice? Likely, so will your child. Do you hate someone? Sit with that for a minute.

Do you hate someone? Were you part of the crowd that cheered when my brother endured death threats? Were you part of the crowd inspired by Wendy McCord’s vicious lies?  Are you part of the crowd that looks at the plight of disadvantaged Jeffco kids and says ‘Meh’?

Discouraging. More than I can say. Visitors, think with me here. Edmund Burke said “Those who don’t know history are….. what?”
imgres-4images-4 unnamed-3


“Doomed to repeat it.” That’s what.


With great sadness,




3 thoughts on “The Damaging Exploitation Of Jeffco Children

    • Clare! How nice to see you! I have been catching up on your writing and been wanting to check in with you again. Readers, click on Clare’s blog for fascinating writing. She’s really marvelous.
      So, to the point. It’s a little difficult to summarize here, but I’ll hit the high points. Jefferson County, Colorado, is the biggest district in the state (about 85 thousand kids) and the 13th largest in the nation. It has a budget of over a billion dollars, which is an incredible sum of money. The board of education decides how this money is spent, and you can just about write the script from there.
      Over the decades I have been a teacher, I have seen enormous, mind-boggling corruption. Over and over again BOE members waste money, give bids to friends, spend huge sums on themselves, and feather the nests of the teachers and union members who work so hard to keep this corruption in place. Finally, my brother and two other colleagues decided to run for office, and to everyone’s surprise, they won. They ran on a conservative platform, one of fiscal responsibility and equal opportunity for all. They had two years of delivering on their promises. The Colorado teacher’s union objected to them from the beginning, and mounted what turned out to be a successful recall election. The unions made no bones about started the recall process ‘from the day the polls closed’, and worked as hard as they could to agitate, disrupt and hatemonger. Clare, I wish you could have seen it. I didn’t believe people were capable of this kind of hate-inspiring behavior until I witnessed it. My brother endured death threats, slander, stalking, all sorts of horrible things which local Union members admitted to doing.
      There are many, many aspects to this that I find disheartening. Two stand out the most. First, there is a very real educational apartheid in Jeffco. (For Jeffco grads reading, that means a policy or system of discrimination based on race.) Schools of color simply do not get treated equally. Limited English students, refugees, immigrants tend to congregate in low-income areas, and, in short, get ignored. (Perhaps you read that one of the most notorious of these schools, Alameda, was run by Ron Mitchell, who is now in charge of the entire district. You can’t make this stuff up).
      The other point of personal disappointment is that Americans these days are so easily duped. There were three points on the ballot that were simply untrue. (If you want more specifics, I’ll give them to you privately, the ballot is long). The unions worked very hard getting people to believe these points, and while we on the truthful side worked too, ultimately lies and deceit won out. One of the many, many unethical ways the teacher’s union used to manipulate the outcome was to use the classroom as a bully pulpit. Teachers, in legion, used precious classroom time to force their political agenda into the minds of these kids, and that is, simply, wrong.
      As you saw in the photo, teachers, parents, and other union members had no shame. Kindergarten teachers made kids draw pictures, high school teachers whipped up indignation with one sided presentations. All of this, I found to be epitomized in Braedon Adam’s picture. His little upraised fist, mouth open in manipulated anger, are all reminiscent of other destructive political movements which successfully capture the heart and minds of children. Now, because of people like Braeden’s parents, the boot of oppression is now more firmly on the necks of children of color then ever. Huge, huge sums will continue to be wasted, and Jeffco will continue to turn out children with diplomas that are rarely worth the paper they are printed on.
      I have worked for the good of young children for decades, Clare. As a woman of conscience, I cannot sit this one out without protest. I hope that clarified things, dear girl. Back to reading your blog. Warm regards, -V.


      • Thank you for your kind words, and your explanation. I had a look at ballotpedia and a Denver paper, but could not get into the detail to form my own view; however I do see that that boy has not made up his own mind freely. He is clearly having a great time, shouting and fist-waving.

        From what I have read here over the years, you have my respect.


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