MY STORY: Corp. Todd Love

Visitors, graduation season seems to be a time for inspiration. I think I have reposted someone else’s work maybe twice in my life, but this one is a keeper. I’d like to introduce you to a young man I am proud to call a friend of mine. When I was in rehab for my shoulder, I was down in the dumps, and sent Todd a personal note. Much to my amazement, he sent a lovely, encouraging note back to me, that helped through my year of rehab. Todd is alternates between being hilarious, thoughtful, profound, inspirational and just plain dorky. Visitors, please meet my friend- Corporal Todd Love.

Brett May Photography

As the first episode in this project, I selected one very special to me and a great number of people in my community. One of my best friends allowed me the privilege of documenting his story. Todd Love, Corporal USMC, is a man that I admired and revered before his accident. He took time out of his busy schedule to share what happened to him while serving in Afghanistan…

Todd is truly an amazing man of character. He was recently on leave from Washington DC where he is doing his physical therapy; or as he likes to call it: a stupid gym membership. He is returning today to DC to finish up his term for the military. As long as I’ve known Todd, he has never truly been able to sit still. He was the guy in our group of friends that always pushed our dumb ideas to the next…

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