Dear Diary- My Heart is a Traitor Bastard

I lifted that line directly from a Bird Martin essay at Go check it out, Bird is awesome.

With all the good things that surround me, why do I have such a hard time letting go of the ugly?

With all the good things that surround me, why do I have such a hard time letting go of the ugly?

So, I try really hard not to burden you people with angst-ridden, obsessive stories that cloud my judgement from time to time. But here it is , midnight on the day before I am to board a beautiful cruise boat with my four adorable, hilarious kids, and I am stewing over a petty rejection.

I have things to do, like printing out cruise boarding documents, and fleshing out a series of really cool essays I’d like to bring to you folks as we go along this trip.

I guess I would call this a “Piano Man” moment, you know the song where Billy Joel goes on about how stuck he is in a bar, where people put bread in his jar, and say “Man, what are you doing here?” This is utterly ridiculous, so here goes.

You folks know that I am still going to this older singles group at Mission Hills Church in Denver. I very nearly blew it off, as some of the relationships there were simply disguised napalm. But the silver lining was that I learned, as a single woman, how to handle destructive people in my life, and I did it without that benefit of a spouse. When I look back on it, that’s actually pretty cool. Mel Curtis, esteemed life coach, reminds me of how far I’ve come in my judgement since then. Josh, the pastor at the church, reminds me not to lie to myself. Here’s the lie “My judgement about new friends is simply terrible, I will never be able to make new friends as a single woman.”

Here’s the truth “I made mistakes in judgement. I have the Spirit of God to help me make better choices next time.” And then to write down the number of times since I’ve come to Mission Hills that my judgement has been pretty good, and I’ve made some pretty heartfelt friends.

Even then, that’s not entirely spot on. Another silver lining there is that I have learned that people who are older singles are generally that way for a reason. We have a hell of a lot of baggage to deal with. Every single one of us. The two mistakes I made were with people who were really, really good actors, and who denied any sort of baggage at all. MONSTER red flag for next time, and actually, when framed like that, I’m authentically grateful for the experience.

As I continue making new friends, I can look more clearly at their behavior, and ask myself “Are they acting like they have the world by the tail? Everything is fabulous? Think twice, Victoria. If that’s the case, why are they estranged from their parents? Why do they have no contact with their kids? Why do they have rocky relationships with other people? Hmmm…..”

Chris and I used to talk this stuff over into the wee hours of the night, and I can hardly tell you how much I miss that. He was a very relational person, and figuring out relationships with him was like breathing.

So anyway, back to the Meetup. I post a very friendly, generic greeting to a woman that I noticed had an interest in long-distance bike riding. I make a comment about her posted training schedule for a local ride and inquire if I might join the group.

(We made our first epic ride during the Newkirk Circle of Eights. Thirteen years ago we did Ride the Rockies, a remarkable seven day trek held annually over the wild territory of Colorado. My brother John was 38, my dad had turned 80, and Christopher had turned 8. I was thirty four,so no biggie there. It remains an awesome piece of family riding lore)

So, this woman, we’ll call Peg, took down the post, removed my comment, and didn’t care to reply. I discover, of course, that she’s friends with my mistakes at the meetup. Naturally.

AND what’s worse, that I give the situation any of my attention at all. Enough.

So, with that said, I’d like to tell all of you how much I prize your friendship. This teeny weeny little blog has blossomed into something really cool over the past year or so.

I would like to think that when we visit, I’m chatting with an audience of widows, widowers, people in the middle of loss, or simply isolated folks who wonder where the light is at the end of the tunnel.

I know that bunches of you are simply decent people. People who wonder what it’s like to walk in the other gal’s moccasins, and who stop by here to see what an accomplished, lonely, blessed, bereft, joyful widow looks like.

It’s a privilege to me to share with you the truths I stumble over. Things like there actually is a God who loves us and knows us pretty darn well. Truths that it’s pretty rough out there. Truths that even in the rough spots, life can be pretty damn good.

That said, join me tomorrow as my kids and I board Royal Caribbean’s “Allure”, the biggest cruise ship on the planet.

American excess always holds a great deal of humor for me, some light, and some dark. The “Allure” is a first world joke, from my point of view. It’s size is only exceeded by one single oil tanker, and an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific.

Manufactured adventure like this is generally not my first choice.  Brainless twit that I am, when my three college kids trained the “Mommy Guilt Rays” on me, I’m embarrassed to say I caved.

“Mom! We all have the same Spring Break! How often is that going to happen! We should do something really fun, like a cruise!”

Sigh, the little stinkers. So yes, I caved, and off we go the islands.

I love you all,  and appreciate you listening. Cruise documents are almost done, dreamland, here I come.

Sleep well, friends.

Much love,



7 thoughts on “Dear Diary- My Heart is a Traitor Bastard

  1. Sometimes, people can be such douches. I am pissed on your behalf! Don’t let that t**t ruin your fun family cruise. What goes around, comes around. I used to have this friend who used to tell me, “if you stand by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by”. I like it. So, don’t you worry about this rag-tag bunch of sad middle-aged people who never progressed mentally out of high school. They should be embarrassed by their nonsense! You’re a completely wonderful human being, and I say that with all the confidence in the world. Tell them I said they can bite my butt….because you’re too sweet ot allow them to bite yours! 🙂


    PS: Thanks for the shout out!! You’re a Love Bug.


    • You’re the best, Bird! The irony here is deafening, the woman involved is on the “social committee.” Like Dickens would say, “It’s a humbug!” Ha!
      But to other, better things. Refocusing my laser gaze on treasuring every moment with these kids who are gonna fly the coop sooner rather than later is just such a blast.
      I’m going to see what kind of fun I can have using the iphone camera as an artistic medium. I am really enjoying images you are putting out to the world these days.
      So many of my little audience is made up of hugely talented photographers, I’d thought I’d venture down that road for a bit.
      Much love,


      • lol..I think I spend entirely too much time alone! I sold my camera, and I missed taking pics, so I decided to try out this webcam thingy. It was fun, but you really can’t take pics of anything but yourself….


  2. I think we are all entitled to some “Piano Man” moments, and finding the lesson or even beautiful truths out the other people’s ugliness in the midst of that is a true art form. Madeline L’Engle calls finding the cosmos in the chaos true art. I think that would make you a true artist. I’m looking forward to seeing your pics as you capture the cruise. Love you!


  3. Just a recommendation,I used to work with single moms trying to make it on their own,a good friend recommended the book “Safe People”, I read it first and it was pretty good, some things about relationships, I had already learned the hard way. Just a thought, have a great trip!


    • Dear Tracy,
      How funny! The women’s pastor involved in this group suggested exactly the same book! I am going to read it on this trip. Learning not to trust too quickly, getting to know people beyond their ‘good behavior’ period, all kinds of things that someone like me could really benefit from. Thank you so much!
      Much love,


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