Faces of Love: Generations of Humor

Ok, fellow Visitors, sometimes it’s just great to laugh until your abs hurt. I have two great essays for you on the theme of “Generations” but we must start with the funniest. If you’re like me, in the 45- to 55 demographic, you may have to have a sarcastic teenager in your orbit to educate you about the likes of  youTube star Julian Smith. 

Five Minutes! That’s all I ask! It’s good for you! Laughter lowers your blood pressure, makes your headaches go away (sometimes even the two legged variety),makes you rich, lose weight, and attract the likes of Ryan Reynolds for a coffee date. Stick with it while Julian works with his great granny. Watch both of their faces in the frame, and see how patient he is with this woman who’s several times his age.

He’s gentle, kind, and very loving. She’s working so hard to please her eager grandson. The end result is this hilarious piece that has several million viewers falling out of their office chairs with laughter.

Julian is brilliant! I want to be his mom! HAHA! She makes so many mistakes, don’t you just love the frustrated face? Man! How many times have you beaten your head against a wall for someone you love? HAHA! She tries so hard to get that word, and when she does, in the sketch, it’s just brilliant.

Have a great laugh today, fellow Visitors.

Much love,



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