Whew! So, here we are.

Hello, friends, long time no see.

Here’s the update on the book. It’s called “Angels Among Us” loosely based on Psalm 91:11. Here it is:

11For he will command his angels concerning you

to guard you in all your ways;

12they will lift you up in their hands,

so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Also, on this Skillet song “Looking for Angels” To my dear subscribers, you’ll have to open another window and cut and paste the address. I can’t figure out how to make the box appear like it does with Facebook readers. Sorry. It’s worth it.

Here are some of the the words, for those of us who still can’t make it out.
“Looking For Angels”

Going through this life looking for Angels
People passing by, looking for Angels.Walk this world alone try to stay on my feet

Sometimes crawl, fall, but I stand up cause I’m afraid to sleep
And open my eyes to a new day, with all new problems and all new pain
All the faces are filled with so much anger
Losing our dignity and hope from fear of danger
After all the wars, after settling the scores, at the break of dawn we will be deaf to the answers

There’s so much bigotry, misunderstanding and fear
With eyes squinted and fists clinched we reach out for what is dear
We want it we want
We want a reason to live
We’re on a pilgrimage
A crusade for hope
Cause in our hearts and minds and souls we know

We need it we need
We need more than this

Going through this life looking for angels
People passing by looking for angels
Walking down the streets looking for angels
Everyone I meet looking for angels

So many nations with so many hungry people
So many homeless scrounging around for dirty needles
On the rise, teen suicide, when we will realize
we’ve been desensitized by the lies of the world
We’re oppressed and impressed by the greedy
Whose hands squeeze the life out of the needy
When will we learn that wars, threats, and regrets are the cause and effect of living in fear


I became a savior to some kids I’ll never meet
Sent a check in the mail to buy them something to eat
What will you do to make a difference, to make a change?

What will you do to help someone along the way?
Just a touch, a smile as you turn the other cheek
Pray for your enemies, humble yourself, love’s staring back at me
In the midst of the most painful faces
Angels show up in the strangest of places

I love this piece. I recently had a talk with a friend of mine who had taken a terrible blow to his health. He had brought it on himself, years of meth, heroin, and nicotine had finally wrung it out of him. He’s frightened, lonely, worried that no one will love him to the end. Who hasn’t been afraid to sleep? Who hasn’t had those kind of lonely fears?
His brain is fearful, his speech is scattered, and he has an incurable STD. I looked at him across the table, and thought again about angels. How can this be? What a mess. I used to love Rafe, a lifetime ago, we had just connected up in recent days, through Facebook of all things.
My book in NaNoWriMo is a beginners book. My daughters are truly putting me to shame, with their complicated plotlines and intricate characters. Mine is a series of episodes, and they are true, largely. Episode to episode, angel to angel, showing up in the strangest of places. If you like, I’ll show you a chapter or two in December.
“He will give his angels charge concerning you.” Maybe it means donning my own wings, taking my friend’s hand, and buying him lunch. Maybe it means suspending my own judgement, loving him in a practical way,  and realizing that I’m in just a big as mess as he, just not so obvious.
Maybe it means it’s always better when love wins.


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