Come Write On In! With a Curtsy to Mel Curtis.

Halloween is almost over, and I’m sitting in the Denver Women’s Press Club. This wonderful old building is situated in the heart of downtown Denver, and currently home to about sixty NaNoWriMo hopefuls. National Novel Writing Month is a self-paced contest sponsored by Amazon and other literary word-pushers, and I have decided to join the frenzy this year.

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

Two of my daughters have completed 50,000 word novels in NaNo months, and have put me to shame!

Mel Curtis, the illustrious skydancer and life coach you’ve heard me refer to before, encouraged me to continue to refine my relationship with my daughter Rachael. She’s nearly fifteen, and bored as heck.

With the other three kids off at college, the kid has to contend with a middle age biddy like me at home. All by herself!  Grim.

Fortunately, she’s a rock solid adventurer like the others, and is brimming with ideas. “Mom! Nanowrimo is coming up! Write a novel with Faith and me!”

So here I sit, with nearly a hundred other adventures now, jammed into this tiny, magnificent building built in 1898. This gorgeous brick edifice was originally built as an artist studio, loft and living residence, and the Denver Women’s Press Club was the only  press club in the country at the time to own it’s own building.

Black, jowly older women, white, disheveled twenty year olds, fresh faced teenage boys, and a good sprinkling of people like me are jammed together in this merry mash.

All of us thinking that somewhere, the novels we have in us will make a difference. Make someone smile, heal, or just pass the time in a lighter way. Or just to have the thrill of cranking out 50,000 coherent words in thirty days.

The countdown is five minutes. This is hilarious.

People keep piling in, I can barely keep my elbows in as I type. Chattering about chick lit, realistic fiction, horror, fantasy and other genres fill the air. Men and women, even younger teenagers pile in.

The countdown is three minutes, and the overflow of literary interest is postively inspiring.

One minute! Let’s see what we’ve got!

Much NaNo love,



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