On Purple Fingers And Rowdy Debates

This young Iraqi girl was too young to vote, but asked for her finger to be inked anyway.

So the riot fences have come down. I-25 and Hampden is open again, and the kids who live in Centennial Halls can get out of lockdown. By most accounts, Romney scored a KO against Obama, and the kids at Denver University had a riotous time watching all of these shenanigans.  My girls got several chances to be in the lottery to get a ticket to see these two, but alas, were relegated to the Driscoll Green and the JumboTron.

Faith has a young Iraqi friend at DU, and this kid is a doll. Let’s call her “Amira” or Princess. That’s not her name. Since Faith has had the privilege of getting to know Amira and her family, she’s had her eyes opened to what a special country we live in. In 2005, Amira’s countryfolk risked their lives in the “Blue Finger Revolution” to vote in 2005. Similar  pictures greet us from Tunisia and India over the past years, where the disenfranchised muster up the courage to (literally) risk their necks to vote for their leaders. The ink is long-lasting, sometimes taking a week to fade away.  I’m told sometimes people, especially women, hide themselves until it’s gone, they feel so threatened.

So it makes me wonder. I look at the faces of these brave women, and think about my own priorities. Mitt kept on saying “Is it worth borrowing money from China to fund (Fill in the blank)?”

What a statement. Magnificent.

Good question. Chris used to love to talk politics with the children. Given the events of the past few years, I’ve found my energy for this type of thing starting to wane. But since my children have become adults, I find myself focusing my priorities again. Who do I want spending my money, anyway?

My family just wrote out an enormous check to the Obama administration on behalf of my deceased mother. She would be completely frosted.

“Vickey!”  (She’d scold.) “That man thinks abortion is OK at any time! Your cousins couldn’t ever have babies, and it broke their hearts! You’d think he’d have a clue!”

(Susan B. Anthony List, http://www.sba-list.org, september)

“Vickey! How much is the national debt? Sixteen TRILLION dollars? (US National Debt Clock, usdebtclock.org)

My, the list would just go on. My mother knew her mind. Do you know yours? My kids are getting to know theirs. An acquaintance of mine once told me blindly, “George Bush was the worst president we EVER had. ” Really? What are your facts to back that up?

Thank God, no one will threaten our well being because of our politics, like in Amira’s country. But for heaven’s sake, let’s be adults about this. Miss Victoria is going to take the red pen out of her schoolmarm hair and make a list:

Miss Victoria’s Important Stuff:

The candidate I vote for will:

1. Be pro-life. Prolife or prochoice, understand what you are defending. We have legal abortion in this country up to and including the ninth month of pregnancy. What’s up with that? In the business I’m in, I see the heart break of infertility every single day. One in four couples in this country can’t have kids, or have more that one. Fifty million abortions is the best, most compassionate solution we can come up with?

2. Be pro SMALL business. Anyone paying attention knows that businesses with fewer than twenty five employees make up the majority of job growth. Be nice to us.

3. Be consistent. I just HATE when people discard their core values for convenience or pleasure.  Did you know in the eighties that Al Gore was a consistent pro-life vote in Congress? Then he ‘changed his mind’ when Clinton tapped him for VP. Yuck. Stand up and be counted for WHATEVER you stand for.

4. Be a decent human being. Quit with the trade-in wives, the mistresses, the padding your accounts at my expense. Sheesh, enough is enough.

Well, isn’t it a wonderful thing that we can all grab a soapbox and spout? What a country! My kids are after me to make sure I forward their ballots to them at college. Let’s follow the children, and go get our fingers inked in November.

Much love,


Author’s note. I’ve found the President of the United States in 2032. At least I hope so. His name is D.K. and he’s a brilliant economics student back east. I hope to introduce you to him soon. Much love, V


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