I Got the Versatile Blogger Award! Ha!

What, you may ask, is the Versatile Blogger Award? Well, basically, it’s a big, sloppy dog kiss from your fellow bloggers, who like the stuff you write. It’s also a monster chain letter type deal, which gives me the chance to introduce you people to some of the best writers in the general population that I know.

Isn’t that smokin’ cool? Heheh, I know a lot of bloggers think these kinds of things are lame, but I think they are a riot. Here’s the drill:

In accordance with the terms of accepting the award I must..

1. Extend my deepest thanks to Bird Martin  at Everyone Has  A Story  for the nomination!

2. List seven things about myself (i.e. seven reasons to make you second-guess your decision to give me this title):

  •  My personal theme song “Boomin'”  By Toby Mac. Never fails to get my blood going and my attitude improved.

  • I have been a widow for nearly two years, and am utterly and completely clueless about men. One took me 23 years to figure out, and that was fun. Now I spend my time frightening them away with my loud opinions, love for all things skydiving, and tendency to romanticize every ridiculous gesture. (#blondereveryyear)

  • I am a Christian. And a noisy one. I’ll tell anyone who asks that I spent over a year cursing God as a bastard for  making me watch my best friend shrivel up and die from colon cancer. While I was falling into this void, the people in the body of Christ chained up and caught me before I fell too far. They dragged me up, shrieking and spitting, and loved me back to where I needed to be. Guess what I learned then? Jesus was just as broken up about Chris’s death as I was. And that I have the best friends and family  in the world.
  • I am a professional parent and a damn good one. I have studied child and brain development my whole life, and it still isn’t boring. I have four completely awesome teenagers, and yes, the proof is in the pudding.

  • I am a really good ballroom dancer. If I ever marry a  man who doesn’t frighten easily, he’ll discover that ballroom dance is excellent foreplay. Sorry kids!
  • Someday, I long for Jesus to send me someone, anyone, who can have a clear-eyed, light of day discussion about human sexuality in the light of God’s word. I mean really, people! Baptists have us hamstrung, Catholics are scolding, and Christians of all stripes are completely fixated on a long list of “Don’t You Dare…….” And it’s good! Jesus wants us to be free to be truly intimate! But it’s also completely exasperating! Jesus never said “Don’t do this!” He said “Don’t do this, do this instead!” He gets us, he understands, and he gives us ways to get to know each other well, while saving physical intimacy. Whew, there’s a rant. Personal pet peeve, especially with four teenagers in the house. Thanks, I feel much better now.
  • I don’t know how to be anything other than direct. Melanie Curtis, life coach extraordinaire, (Google her) and I are working on this foreign concept of ‘diplomacy’. Or, to paraphrase Jesus “Speaking the truth without making a jackass out of yourself.” Ephesians 4:15 and on and on.

3. Spread the blogger love: Here are a bunch of my favorites you should really check out.

Category One: Laugh So Hard Your Abs Hurt

SorryI’mNotSorry. Oh, man, this chick has a picture of herself as this blonde bombshell, but I’m convinced she’s some wiley old headshrinker laughing at all of us from an ivory tower somewhere.

PCC Advantage: Actually IS a blonde bombshell academic, and bestowed upon me the title “Mother-Flocker”, a skydiving honorific I wear proudly. She’s hilarious.

Category Two: Real Christians Have Issues

Everyone Has a Story By Bird Martin

Bird herself will tell of her unwed pregnancy, life threatening illness, marriage troubles, continual dialogue with Jesus, and is really, truly funny. I wish you lived in Colorado, Bird, you’re the best.

 ilife  by Rick Alvey. Plainspoken observations by a solid Christian man. Got a brother, Rick?

With All I Am by Prayson Daniel, a Tanzanian Christian who makes me cry. Keith Green once sang to us about not being “Asleep in the Light.” Prayson renews my desire to help American Christians wake up out of our complacent doze, and pursue “The Wild Country.”

Category Three: Beauty, just because.  

Manipal’s Photo Blog.  This is a blogger in India, who showcases some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen. Just wonderful.

Five Reflections An engineer and a scientist who writes haiku. If you could smell this, it would be fragrant.

A social commentator named Neil Postman once decried our society’s move from the printed word to the image. Spend some time with these amateur masters of the printed word, we’ll all be better for it!

Much love and glee,



4 thoughts on “I Got the Versatile Blogger Award! Ha!

  1. Wow! I had forgotten that you had nominated me…I hate that WP only tells me of nine comments and then the rest go into the void…So sorry!! Thank you for the nomination, Victoria!!


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