Carolyn Jordan Newkirk 1/18/20 – 1/8/2012

As Fiona in “Brigadoon”  1953

The Soldiers’ Angel


The time has come, the mistress said
to talk of many things
of little girls- and railway songs- and soldiers taking wing
And why the world is full of strife
and mothers giving things.
“But wait a bit,” the children cried
“Why should we care today? We don’t want to hear these tales
We want to go and play.”
The mistress frowned and rapped her stick
Quite hard upon the desk
It’s time to listen, time to learn, for one has come to rest.
Carolyn had hair of gold, and a voice as clear as water
As Depression era girls were made, she was the ideal daughter.
She sang for joy, she sang for church, she sang to give those pleasure,
But at the railway station out , the boys loved her without measure.

Twelve years old, she was, a miner’s daughter, sure,
But to the boys who marched to war, an inspiration pure.
She sang them off, she waved goodbye, they waved happily on the track
The train pulled out, she shed a tear, knowing how most would sure come back.

Determined to be the first in life, she worked to make her parents proud.
Til the trains would rumble back, in time, and pull up, blackly loud.
Boxes would be unloaded, would rest upon the stage
And Carolyn sang to mother’s grief, and to their father’s rage

She loved her God, and trusted Him, to care for these young souls,
and to create in her a heart that’s pure, and tender through her age.
She’s gone from us, she was taken home, only just this morn,
A bright new soul at heaven’s gate, that’s only just been born.

Here’s a gift for you, my friends. Especially those of you who were Carolyn’s peers, and loved the old musicals as much as she did. She sang the lead in “New Moon” written by Oscar Hammerstein and Sigmund Romburg. We found this recording of her when she was  in her mid twenties, singing in her flawless soprano. Read the words first, as it captures a sentiment that, I believe, most women have today. Then, click the purple-highlighted title, you Luddites, you. Much love, Victoria.

One Kiss-CJN

In this year of Seventeen Ninety Two

Our conventions have been thrown all askew

And I know I’m out of date when I seek one mate

One faithful lover true

To be really in fashion today

You must have a dozen beaux in your sway

But somehow I don’t believe in the modern plan

I want to wait for just one man

(It’s more fun to love ’em all
Kiss’em all, short or tall)

I have only scheme

It’s my only dream

One Kiss, One man to save it for

One love for him alone

One word, one vow, and nothing more

To tell him I’m his own

One magic night within his arms

With passion’s flower unfurled

And all of my life I’ll love only one man

And no other man in the world

(You’ve been reading stories of romantic glories)

(Are you growing sad for your Galahad?)

Soon my Knight may find me

Softly steal behind me

Put me on a horse

And carry me away

Laugh all you like at me

I’ll find my man, you’ll see

One kiss, one man to save it for

One love for him alone

One word, one vow and nothing more

To tell him I’m his own

One magic night within his arms

With passion’s flower unfurled

And all of my life, I’ll love only one man

And no other man in the world.

Written by Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II, popularized my Nelson Eddy and Janet Macdonald in 1942.

I miss you already, Mom.
Love, Victoria


4 thoughts on “Carolyn Jordan Newkirk 1/18/20 – 1/8/2012

  1. SO awesome! This was a definite special find!! And for you to share it with us all, thank you SO much! Such a gift! May peace be with you all during this hard time. We love you!


  2. Yes. I remember Mom’s comments about what a wonderful voice Aunt Carol had and how she and your dad were perfect together as they sang. And Nana, my how she loved musicians! Her “Jackie” had picked the perfect mate and mother for you all to pass the love of music on. And you and your kids do that so well.

    I’m sorry I cannot be there on Saturday. We do hope to see you this summer if we come north. We will miss Carol. Jim said, “She was a nice person.” He is usually pretty quiet.

    Your Mom was so spunky and she never let obstacles get in her way. She also was humble. A true “lady.” And you can be proud to follow in her footsteps. And I’m so glad your kids knew her well. Families these days are too far apart! We were taught to “go away” to other places to make our own lives. But, being near Scott and the kids is such a blessing. You stayed close as a family and that is huge! Thank you for that and for being family to us. I loved your poem.

    Our love to you all and hugs all around. Nancy and Jim and the Scott Kroenings


  3. Victoria – this is a real treat. Thanks for sharing this special talent of your mom’s. We’ll be praying for you in the coming days. Love, Joy


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