Joy, Optimism and other totally Badass Behavior.

I  once loved a man who was a complete cynic. He had a plan, and if anything stood in the way of that plan, then God help us all.

He had reason to be cynical, to be sure. Things hadn’t gone according to plan. Wives had been unfaithful, a son was off the rails, and the job wasn’t satisfactory. It was embittering.

Fear and doubt barreled at him like a freight train, every single day.  History stood between what he was, and what he wanted to be. Caution was the rule of law.

For a moment, I stood with him at a crossroad. Then I realized, that all I had was that moment. That one, and the next. Each one a test, that I could only take once. There are no second chances.

I realized if I had a chance at joy, a chance at optimism, a chance at adventure, I was going to seize it. Everything that I want would collide with everything standing in my way.

So many things stand in my way. It’s me versus the odds.

It’s me versus excuses. It’s me versus no.

It’s me versus can’t.

It’s me versus last year.

It’s me versus next year.

It’s me, running with what could be.

It’s me, with no room for caution at all.

Let’s see what we’ve got.



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