On Seizing Opportunities. Merry Christmas, Jeffrey Donovan!

Every once in a while, I just stumble over something wonderful.

Christopher and I were returning from a great day of skiing on the mountain, and had stopped to get a Starbucks on the way home. We were dithering to the side about the menu, when a well-built man in ski gear clomped into the store.

I’m very visual, and rarely forget details of a face.

“Christopher!” I hissed. “That’s Jeffrey Donovan!” Donovan is the star of USA’s “Burn Notice” (Thursdays, USA,9 pm ). It’s a spy thriller, one that Christopher and I like to watch together.

(I believe it was Steve Parr that said ‘Television is an ocean of garbage surrounding islands of excellence.” True, and “Burn Notice” is a solid island, with cohesive storytelling and strong characters. Good for an hour of family diversion.)

“No, mom,” my son scoffed, “It can’t be.”

The events of recent years have sharpened my desire to live in the unlimited moment. Tomorrow isn’t a given, by any means.  Jesus himself even enourages us not to worry about the future too much, as today has enough trouble to deal with. What to do? Jeffrey Donovan isn’t exactly a hero, it is a television show, after all.

“Yes it is! Getyourcameragetyourcamera Get! Your! Camera!” He slouched off to the the car.  I just couldn’t resist. I had to seize this opportunity to tell a talented performer I admired his work.

I stood in line behind Mr. Donovan, and when he was about to move and get his drink, I bent into his space.

“Mr. Donovan,” I whispered. “I don’t want to blow your cover, but I want to tell you I really like the work you do on your show. What brings you to Colorado?”

He graciously smiled, and said in a normal tone,

“Why, thank you. You have some of the best skiing around! Lots of us on the show  like to come here often.”

I straightened, taking my cue from the man. “Really! That’s charming. What’s the status of the show?”

“Solid. We got picked up again and start shooting in March.”

“That’s great! Say, is Gabrielle Anwar as tough in real life as she is on the show? ” Gabrielle  plays Fiona, a beautiful accomplice who loves to blow things up. My kind of gal.

“Nah, she’s just a great actress.” By that time Christopher was entering the Starbucks again.

“Look, Mr. Donovan, you call this here, but my son is a huge fan and it would make his day to have a picture with you. Is that all right?”

Christopher barreled in, bigger than life. He towered over Jeffrey, and stuck out his hand. “It really is Jeffrey Donovan! Nice to meet you!” he boomed.

Hoo, boy.

“Sweetheart, shhhh. Let’s get the picture!” Donovan chuckled politely.

“Certainly. Would you like to be in it too?” Would I? Err. YES!

“Yes! I would love to!”

Christopher gave the camera to a passerby and showed her how to point and shoot.

Donovan slung his arm around my shoulder, and I, his waist. He did the same with Christopher.

Two shots and lots of small talk later, Christopher and I bid a friendly “Merry Christmas!”  to the actor.

I think a younger, more timid version of Victoria would have whispered in the corner until Donovan wandered back into the world. But age and experience have some great benefits,

Why not seize the moment? What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the best? Maybe, just maybe, I might put myself in a position to be set up for disappointment. Or maybe, like chatting with the gentlemanly Jeffrey Donovan, I might get rewarded.

Merry Christmas, Jeffrey Donovan!

Photo Gallery: Burn Notice


3 thoughts on “On Seizing Opportunities. Merry Christmas, Jeffrey Donovan!

  1. Too cool! Sometimes, a couple of us mere mortals do find ourselves living under a star! What a nice moment! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your blog!!


  2. Victoria-

    Way to go! He likely really appreciated meeting some fans, too! We will look for the show.

    Happy New Year to all of you!! Love, Nancy and Jim


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