The Shadows were Bright Tonight

Daylight savings time has come around again. I walked home after work today, and the reflected moonlight was at my back. The sky was clear, and the road was cleanly illuminated, the mountains loomed.

I walked on the side of the road, and watched my shadow. I have long legs, so the distance gave way easily. Funny to remember, Chris had shorter legs than I, but always a longer stride.

It was almost as if I could see him there, beside me. We had done that often, walking up our road in the middle of the night, marveling at the clarity of the starlight. Now the picture was incomplete, and the frame off balance. There was only one of me, where God had designed there to be two,

Some people say that loneliness is a good thing, it drives you to God. 

“Look, I am with you always, even until the end of this present age.” Matthew’s letter, chapter 28, verse 20.



2 thoughts on “The Shadows were Bright Tonight

  1. Good news! I will paste Melodie’s email into this. I will send Katie’s address by snail mail, though, to preserve her privacy.

    Hello, family-

    Katie (Katrina Petr) and Don welcomed little Riley Hanks into this world early this morning at Evergreen Medical Center in Kirkland, WA. Baby weighed 8lbs 10 oz, 22″ long, and born “with lots of hair” per Katie. Mommy and baby doing well and go home tomorrow. Don has a week off work. Nancy generously offered to fund me to fly up to visit and help out so I’ll go next week for 4-5 days. What help I’ll be is questionable since, as I told Katie, I haven’t changed a diaper in 27 years and I totally forget what to do with infants! But I can grocery shop and make soup!!

    Victoria- A friend of ours lost both her husband and son (father of three) this summer. And, a grandbaby was born with one ear totally deaf. She and I may do some traveling together next summer. Loss is really, really hard.

    I just finished a book by a Japanese man re: losses of all kinds and the ability or inability to love. The River Ganges figures heavily. Deep River by Shusaku Endo. It centers on Japanese travellers to India and how their stories come together. Lots about various religions and how they connect.

    Thanks for sharing your process. We all walk with you in that beautiful forest at night. And, your work with children is Holy. Love, Nancy


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