Why So Serious?

Cancer is a Downer, For One Thing. (Bada Bing!)

You folks know that I am an unapologetic Christian. Many of you don’t share my faith background, and that’s OK, I love to hang with you people anyway. Looking back over the past year, these days sometimes I feel this wash of “Enough Already!” roll over me.  For those of you who don’t know, or fell asleep during church as a kid, Christians believe that dead folk’s souls go to a very real, very different place.

The Bible talks about this being a place with no tears, being able to view God like you do any other family member, and having a body that doesn’t give you anywhere near the kind of grief that cancer does. Sounds pretty good to me, and has for nearly 40 years. Chris became a Christian as an adult, and pursued a better knowledge of God his whole life.

So he died. And I grieved. My children grieve, and that’s a whole ‘nuther story. But I grieved, and I still do. You folks have been so kind to walk along here with me, and I am grateful. But I believe with all my heart that he has other work to do now, and if we could sit down and talk like we used to, he’d ask me-

“Why So Serious? I feel great! God has me doing all kinds of stuff you aren’t even capable of imagining! Where you are is fine, God created it after all, but where I am is SO much better. So get with it, sweetie!”

He’d be right, dammit!

One of the things on my own bucket list was to be on stage with Faith before she goes to college. I may have mentioned it here, but we both auditioned for a part in the Evergreen Chorale’s production of Evita.  We both landed parts in dance chorus and the singing chorus. (It’s September 16 through October 9 at Center Stage. 303-674-4002. Come and see it, it’s going to be a blast!)

Truly, I am having more fun than should be allowed. About a week after the cast lists were posted, one of the directors told me that one of the male dancers had dropped out. (Men, God love ’em, can’t multi-task anywhere near as well as women, so it is really hard to find guys that can both sing AND dance in Evergreen.) Would I consider dancing one of the men’s parts, as I have some formal training?

I had a hard time catching my breath, I laughed so much. So “Viktor” was born. I get to do all of Melissa Trader’s great stage choreography in a tie, Oxford, and really, really tight sports bra. Hey, they banded Judy Garland’s chest in Oz, so why not?

Here is my mug shot for the program. That’s a riot all by itself!

  So many other things are smile worthy, too.  Even a darn good belly laugh.  Have you heard of this Net phenomenon called ‘planking’? Or how about ‘coning’? Oh. My. Gosh. There is hope for the human race. I get so sick and tired of comedians and  unfunny shows that rely on sexual innuendo or sarcastic children besting their idiot parents. Planking and coning are hysterical.

Planking is simple. Two people go out into the world, one has a video or still camera. The other goes around and finds interesting places to plank, or straighten the body out like a board. The best are completely ridiculous. Look at The Carry on Planker.

Passenger Plank

Science plank

Or this one. The Structural Integrity of Planking. Completely random. Why would you do such a thing? And why that location? Hilarious.

Beer Planker? How on earth did he do that?

Beer Plank

‘Coning’ is even better. Check out this website sometime for a good laugh.http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/0568a023bb/cone-ing-pranks

These dudes pick random places to order an ice cream cone. One films, the other picks up the cone at the window. Maybe. Or maybe he grabs the cone by the top, and starts eating it upside down. Or maybe he coats the cone with the sprinkles he’s hidden in his hand, and drives off. Or, when the server tries to hand him his cone, he sticks a wafer cookie in it and drives away. Or, pours chocolate sauce over the cone, drenching the hand of the unsuspecting server.

The expressions of the servers in  headmikes are just priceless.  We are going to make our own coning video soon, and inflict it on you good people. Just because you love us!

So, life goes on. I used to say “Life has this distressing tendency to go on.” Now, not so much. Sure, just like Jesus said, poor people and all kinds of troubles will always be around. But when I really look around, I mean really inspect my surroundings, it’s really pretty funny out there. In fact, the ancient Bible authors even figured this out thousands of years ago.  There’s a book in the old testament called Proverbs. In the seventeenth chapter it says “A cheerful heart does good like medicine.” !

Another new, terminal friend of mine said “What would my mother say about taking my medicine? ‘Open wide, here comes the airplane!'” My new friend, who very likely does not have dozens of birthdays left, chuckled appealingly. I intend to pursue this friendship for as many merry days as either of us has left.

Chris had a riotous sense of humor, which was the first thing I loved about him. Join me in injecting a little of that into your day today. Make yourself, or someone else laugh.

With much hilarity,


Victoria’s List of What Makes a Real Man
1. Someone who treasures me more than himself. One might almost think that’s Biblical.
2. Courage. Take heart. Never, never give up.
3. Must Love Kids.  The greatest strength is shown through gentleness. Jesus himself had a special place in his heart for children.
4. Cheerfulness!     Make me laugh, and I’ll follow you anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. Victor–I totally “get” your piece here! Great stuff! The hugest reason I married Jim was his wacky, devious, good, childlike mind which caused me to laugh until my stomach hurt at least once each day. Then we had a child named Scott and he got that gene and Jim’s training. So, I was “straight man” to them for many years.

    When you put religion in the mix there is a whole layer that tips everything upside down 24/7, as you say and as explained so well in Course in Miracles (not a religion but a theory). I do believe that God has an intricate sense of humor, about us and Himself/Herself. You are embodying it perfectly! I’m so proud of you and I grieve with you. I didn’t get to know Chris (our loss), but am getting an inkling of his spirited self through you. Getting to know YOU is magical!

    Happy Performance! Wish we could be there. Love, Nancy


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