Happy Happens

Happy Happens

Last week, I had the funniest experience, and I am wondering if any of you can relate. It went something like this.

5:45 Get up and at it, exercise, get the kids up, fix  a reasonably nutritious breakfast.

7am Hit the road and meet Kathleen Park, the most wonderful carpool partner in the world, and drive Rachael to Faith Christian, her school.

8am Check in at work, everything is OK. (wow!)

9am  I have the greatest lesson with the best dance coach in Colorado, Brook Metcalf.

1030- Back to work, things are getting a little rocky. I and my great team deal with the trouble, and things are all right. The work bunch is so great, all of them are friends, all of us treat each other with respect and kindness.

230- Kids are done with school.

3 pm Shoot off an email to Chinese sister, looking to reconnect.

4 pm Rachael is done with school, off to piano.

6 pm, Dinner and a movie anyone?

Here’s the good part. I am sitting in the movie with the kids, and get all teary all the sudden. What on earth is going on? The kids are all right, work is stable, my friends are great, dance and Brook are unbelievable, Why on God’s green earth am I sitting here with tears running down my face in a dark theater?

I was happy. Happy. I don’t think I had been happy in two years. How weird is that? I have never placed much stock in ‘happy’, mainly because I don’t think it’s Biblical. Jesus doesn’t have much to say about ‘happy’. Joyfulness, peace, love, all these other things He talks about are much more permanent. And it’s true. ‘Happy’ can change in a heartbeat. I could have broken my arm walking off a curb at the theater and been very unhappy. I could have rolled my ankle with Brook and been extremely unhappy.

Still though, sometimes all the good gifts God gives you just come together, and all of the sudden, Happy happens. It’s a beautiful thing. What do you think?  Can you relate?

Much love,



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